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By L Russey on Apr 23, 2024

Atty Kadzai was awesome! He and his team handled my case and made the process smooth and easy. I appreciate them so much! If you need help and want a lawyer you can trust, call David Kadzai! He even called and texted me directly! Great care and personable service!

By Dan on Mar 24, 2024

He is the best liar on the planet. i hired him held my case, 13 month's did absolutely nothing, but talked big, stated they are not gonna do me the way they did you. i kept calling and checking, he states, do not do anything i will take care of everything. i am a widow my husband was killed, he has no remorse at all and put's God in his mouth. he should have looked at my case quickly and let me go, if he could not help me. so i could have had time to find another lawyer. he did not handle this case in a professional manner so i could get some one else, i believe he does not have adequate staff, all in all i would run. he is a boaster and a bragger. talking loud and doing nothing.

By Erica Kirkwood on Mar 17, 2024

David is an amazing attorney! He picked up the case and successfully took it across the finish line! He’s the G.O.A.T. Be sure to use him for your Personal Injury case needs! It was a pleasure working with him!

By Sylvia on Feb 17, 2024

I hired Attorney Kadzai to handle my car crash case. He was caring and compassionate. I received my settlement funds quickly. I highly recommend Kadzai Law Group.

By V. on Jan 17, 2024

Let me start by saying thank you Attorney Kadzai and your office staff for your professional and courteous service. You and your staff were always helpful with answering questions I had during such a difficult time. May I add, Attorney Kadzai is Attentive and personable. I am honored and pleased to have had him to represent me. Again thank you for your genuine care and concern in handling my case.

By Latanza Jones on Oct 17, 2023

Excellent customer service. My case was closed quickly and I plan to refer clients and he is very handsome.

By Nyan Linn Aung on Oct 17, 2023

By Shenae Goodwill on Jul 17, 2023

Helped me out with my car accident and successfully ended with a settlement. Communication promptness can improve.

By Toya Burruss on Jun 17, 2023

By Anita Spears on May 17, 2023

Well first off I'm not yet settled my case however David is seeming to be a good attorney. I've never had to deal with this before so I guess he is doin a great job they keep me informed and him and his team are kind. I look forward to writing another review after my case is closed in the future to help with a full review.

By Mae Johnson on Apr 17, 2023

Very professional.kind,considerate and trustworthy

By morgan calhoun on Apr 17, 2023

David was a good lawyer. He got me the settlement I wanted and took my case when nobody else would. I would recommend him.

By Mike Mcauliffe on Apr 17, 2023

By xxx tentacles on Apr 17, 2023

By G. L. on Apr 17, 2023

Good morning, Good evening, Good night to where ever you are l just wanted to share my experiences with the Law Office of David Kadzai everyone involved in my case was awesome, professional, passionate, understanding, and trustworthy l highly encouraged and recommend their services a job well done with satisfaction.

By passatta liggett on Apr 17, 2023

We can’t say enough to thank you and your staff for a job well done. We highly recommend the law offices of David Kadzai to settle your legal issues with the utmost professionalism. R.L.

By Divana Ray on Apr 17, 2023

I had a terrible experience with David Kadzai. When I first consulted with him, he kept reiterating that I needed to hire an attorney to fully answer questions I had about my case. By this time, I had spoken to so many attorneys and it seemed as if this was the standard speech that I just hired him out of desperation. He required a retainer and never sent me a bill detailing the charges and billable hours. David always came to court unprepared and never addressed or honored my wishes as a client. He seemed inexperienced and should not have been charging rates that a more seasoned attorney would charge. When I fired him, he stated that I had used up all of my retainer - again never sending me any of the detailed charges. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the positive reviews on here are from family and/or close friends because he is just not a good attorney.

By Tyrie Johnson on Apr 17, 2023

The experience was made comfortable. And the pay out was done fast. I truly appreciate the services of Attorney Kadzai.

By Elesha West on Apr 17, 2023

Integral, Fast, and made time to answer all my questions. Definitely recommend especially for injury cases.

By Brittany Elyse on Apr 17, 2023

Very nice, prompt, helped me with my personal injury case.